The concrete and glass beauty of buildings that stand strong and statuesque in the Brickell neighborhood of Miami, cut a clear path to 1111 Peruvian Bistro. There at 1111 SW 1st Ave #106d, is our restaurant nestled in the heart of the downtown. The bistro dining experience doesn’t get any better than this, when it comes to an exquisite fusion of fine classic Peruvian cuisine with its Incan roots mixed with Spanish, Arab, African, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and French influences. For amazing Peruvian food, visit our Peruvian restaurant in Miami.

What’s not to love? We are an authentic Peruvian restaurant in Miami that dazzles in sleek modern decor with a knowledgeable and friendly waitstaff, open kitchen, cozy terrace lounge, beautiful patio for outdoor enjoyment, reasonable prices, and a warm ambiance. The heart of Brickell lends to the wonderful downtown vibe, and this is a great spot for indulging in exotic lunch or dinner appetizers, entrees, cocktails, and desserts.

Our food not only appears like gastronomic masterpieces, but also tastes sinfully delicious, thanks to the famous duo that creates this magical Peruvian fusion. There lies the difference; experience, gathering creativity, and blending a unique variety of traditions and backgrounds from crews fluent in the proud South American heritage.

Diners fall in love with 1111 Peruvian Bistro and its’ refined flavors, because our founders, Diego Muñoz & Martín Monteverde, have carefully developed a menu that rivals all. Mr. Muñoz is recognized globally as a leader in exceptional Peruvian cuisine. Mr. Monteverde brings a wealth of experience as a preeminent restaurateur in the south Miami area. Together, these talented gentlemen have perfected the ideal assets of a modern Peruvian restaurant in Miami, steeped in traditional South American passion, and precise culinary technique with an adventurous flair.

Favorite entrees splashed in colorful beauty and sophistication include Corvina Ceviche, King Crab and Poached Chicken Causa, Grilled Octopus and Veal Heart and Chicken Liver Anticuchos in Homemade Panka Anticuchera Sauce. These are just a few of the elegant dishes that people have come to experience and remember. Desserts are just as unforgettable and offer a sweet ending to a full and satisfying Peruvian meal. The popular Peruvian cachanga from classic origins has been re-awakened in addictive flavors similar to a pina colada’s coconut and pineapple essence. Our restaurant’s inviting lucuma is served with nougatine of sesame and a chocolate sorbet.

When it comes to drinks, the country of Peru is known for its bold red wines and delicious beers, and this Peruvian bistro shares them all. Peru’s national drink is the Pisco Sour. It is a lovely cocktail, ideal for welcoming guests or starting a Peruvian meal, featuring a delicious combination of Pisco, lime juice, egg white and syrup. Enjoying the music and relaxing with a drink before dinner at 1111 Peruvian Bistro comes highly recommended.

A Peruvian restaurant that takes classic dining to the next level allows an establishment to stand out. This one is a gem for the heart of the Brickell neighborhood and brings an authoritative voice to classic/modern Peruvian cuisine for all to share.

Please feel free to contact us! We are happy to be of service. We are recognized by the local community as the “Tremendo restaurante peruano!”.