Who doesn’t get seduced by a tasty dessert? Traditional Japanese sweets are the best stimulation to the palate, with an immense diversity of colors, shapes, and extraordinary flavors that even look like works of art. We invite you to know the traditional desserts of Japan. Dare to discover the sweetest side of the “Land of the Rising Sun”!




Mochi is one of the most popular desserts in Japan, it is prepared in many ways, but basically, it consists of sticky cooked rice. People form balls and spread them in various sauces or sweeten them with kinako.




Daifuku is one of the many varieties of mochi; it is a delicious dessert that is filled with different types of sweets. In summer, the Japanese usually eat daifuku ice cream to calm the heat a bit.




Each dessert has a unique flavor, Dango is a dessert made with sweet dough, refreshing and ideal during the summer heat. The dough is wrapped in sugar and mochiko or rice flour. The dangos are also similar to the Mochis, but with a different form.

Mochis can be made with flour and do not need to be crushed. Dango, like Mochis, is stuffed and can also be prepared on the grill. Delicious seasonings and tea accompany it.




Taiyaki is one of the most frequent desserts on the street; many street vendors distribute them, especially in cold times. It consists of fish-shaped pancakes, comes stuffed with chocolate, Anko, custard or cheese, and is served hot. A true oriental delight!




It is made with cubes of a transparent jelly based on red or green algae called agar-agar. The antmisu can be mixed with fruits, nuts, mochis, and ice cream with a mocha flavor. The Japanese take it with a cup of black syrup in the summer.




It is a creamy pasta made with beans widely consumed throughout Asia, usually used as a topping or filling of desserts. It is very versatile; you can place it on a cake with fruit or eat it alone.




It is a round, soft sweet bread, with a very crispy squared layer; its name is due to the taste and shape of a melon it has.




It is a sweet made with beans and covered with refined sugar; it is cooked in syrup. It is a variant of wagashi, a typical Japanese sweet whose main ingredient is the azuki bean; it is covered with sugar after cooking.


Honey toast


Many Japanese coffees serve honey toast, and although it is not a traditional dish, it is already part of the desserts preferred by the Japanese.

It consists of a vast and fluffy toast stuffed with caramel and honey; it is accompanied with fruit and ice cream. Most Japanese desserts are combinations between one and the other.

Would you like to try any of these delicacies? Japan has everything to taste like kings. Do not miss these traditional desserts when on your next visit to the Asian country.


These desserts are incredible tasty and amazing to take pictures.


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