In Southeast Asia, you will not only find temples, rice fields, and beaches, but a rich gastronomic world awaits you to savor. Take a look at the dishes you can’t miss.


Top 10 Southeast Asia Food


-Nasi Goreng: is a pleasant twist on fried rice

-Pad Thai: Flat rice noodles are stir-fried with egg, spices, and meat or shrimp to create a dish full of flavor. 

-Pho: Vietnam’s National Noodle Dish. Prepared in advance from bones and meat. Rice noodles are then added along with onions and your choice of meat.

-Laksa: is made from sour tamarind paste. Both are rich, thick, and filling; the texture is slightly gritty. Lime juice offsets the somewhat fishy taste, while lemongrass and other spices season the soup to perfection.

-Char Kway Teow: lat rice noodles, briskly stir-fried with cockles, prawns, Chinese sausage, chives, egg and bean sprouts in a dark soy sauce, then served piping-hot.

-Laap: made of roughly chopped meat blended with sticky rice and fish sauce.

-Nasi Kandar: rice topped with meat or vegetables, then slathered with curry.

-Durian Fruit: once you prepare yourself psychologically for the smell, durian fruit is creamy, delicate, and delicious.

-Mohinga: Mohinga is a rice noodle dish with a broth made from catfish stock and a selection of Myanma spices among them coriander, lime and lemongrass

-Sisig: Sisig was invented in the Philippines’ foodie province of Pampanga, made with chopped up pork extras, mixed them with chopped shallots and chilies, and served the lot on a hot plate alongside rice.



Each dish with an exquisite and incomparable taste. Would you dare to try one? 

The food from these countries is gaining international recognition.

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