Typical drinks from Peru
We invite you to know the typical drinks of Peru.

Peru is known for having exquisite dishes; after all, its cuisine is one of the best valued worldwide, but there is something that sometimes goes unnoticed: drinks. Thanks to the tremendous cultural diversity that exists in Peru, its gastronomic variety is imposing, which undoubtedly affects the enormous differences that exist in the flavor of the typical drinks of the country. On this occasion, we have made a small list with some of the typical drinks from Peru.


Typical drinks from Peru

In Peru, not only the food is delicious, but drinks also taste pretty good as well; these are the best typical drinks from Peru.


1) Chicha morada

When we talk about typical Peruvian drinks, one of the most popular beverages in the country is undoubtedly the “Chicha Morada,” perhaps the most popular non-alcoholic drink among the people of the country. Prepared from the peculiar purple corn, this refreshing drink can be found virtually in any corner of Peru where you go. So, if you ever visit the country, do not forget to try this drink.


2) Pisco sour

Probably the most representative drink in Peru although there is some debate about its origin since some think that it originated in Chile. Today, this liquor is part of the typical beverages from Peru, and you can find different variations of this cocktail in different liquor stores around the country. If you like cocktails based on the distillation of the grape, you can’t miss the pisco sour.


3) Inca Kola

It’s pretty strange that among a list of typical drinks of a country we find a soda, but its popularity is such that we can’t ignore it. After all, it is the most consumed drink in Peru. There is no doubt about the cultural weight this sweet yellow drink has in the country. Nowadays, the Inca Kola producers are associated with the Coca-Cola company.


4) Chicha de jora

You can not make a list of typical drinks from Peru without mentioning “chicha de jora,” an alcoholic drink prepared from fermented corn. Its tradition goes back to ancient times, but even today it is still consumed often. Its preparation takes a lot of time, and the alcohol degree depends on the amount of time that it is left to ferment; so, if you like strong drinks, you may want to wait a bit before drinking this one.


5) Mate de coca

Last but not least, mate de coca: a hot mate cup that every traveler can enjoy when visiting different places in Peru. Despite the polemical plant that is used to prepare the drink, in different Latin American countries, this plant has a tradition that goes back to ancient times, and Peru is one of these countries. It has a slightly bitter taste, so some people tend to add honey to make it a bit sweeter.

When we talk about gastronomy, not only the food is important. This is our top 5 typical drinks from Peru; you can add them to your “things to try when visiting Peru” list.

Typical drinks from Peru
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