Japanese Dining: The Lost Art

  These days, Westernization has begun to eat away at time-honored dining customs. Here are some food practices that can bring back an authentic Japanese flair.     Chabudai     Today’s Japanese families start using Americanized tables. However, there are still many traditionalists who sit on cushions at low tables like their ancestors before […]

How to Drink Whiskey in Japan?

Japanese whisky production stretches back to the early 19th century.   Today, visitors to Japan experience that culture for themselves in bars and restaurants around the country   How to drink whiskey in Japan   Look for Subtlety   Japanese whiskey tends to distinguish itself from conventional scotch, and other whiskeys, with a subtlety of […]

Do You Know the Varieties of Nabemono, the Japanese Hot Pot?

Nabemono or nabe is a term that alludes to all varieties of Japanese stew dishes. Nabe means “casserole” and nabe means things. Most Nabemono is made up of stews and soups eaten during the colder seasons.    Casseroles are usually made of clay or thick cast iron. They are typically placed in the center of […]

The Japanese Love for Kit-Kat Bars and Their 300 Flavors

    One of the most curious things among foreigners traveling to Japan is something seemingly simple: the Kit Kat. So why does something that we all have in our own country cause so much curiosity and anger among foreigners? Because in Japan, there are Kit Kats in many different flavors!   Kit-Kat bars in […]

Japanese Curry: The Ultimate Guide

Japan is a vast country, ranging through diverse climates from north to south. So that regional cuisine varies widely depending on the local food sources available. Nowhere is this more exemplified than in Japan’s regional curries.   Curry in Japan   Curry in Japan is similar to Western-style curries. It is so mild that it’s […]

6 Steps to Enjoy Ramen Noodles

  What is ramen? It is a bowl of wheat noodle soup prepared with an aromatic broth and accompanied by different ingredients such as vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs, among others.   Today we will give you a small guide on how to eat ramen noodles    Steps to eating Ramen   1-Untangle the Noodles […]

The History of Japanese Curry

Curry is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It is usually served with rice and tonkatsu or other accompaniments. Still, there are also curry-based dishes that do not use rice and even drinks.   The History of Japanese Curry   Curry wasn’t always familiar to Japan. In the late 1800s, Commodore Matthew Perry’s […]

Japanese Breakfast: Reasons to Start Your Day with It

The Japanese diet, in general, is characterized by being a healthy one. That is why it is believed that Japan is the country with more centenaries in the world (there are about 70,000 registered). According to data from the WHO, its life expectancy is the highest on the planet.   Japanese breakfast     The […]

Do You Know These Sake Breweries in America?

Sake, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, is usually made in Japan. The United States offers an eclectic array of traditional and craft sake breweries to explore.   Keep reading to know this places!   Sake breweries in America   Sake is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, is usually made in Japan.  […]

Learn These Japanese Phrases to Enhance Your Dining Experience

Learning basic Japanese terminology regarding the dining experience can serve to enhance your meal.    In addition to the basic greetings commonly used in Japan, the following Japanese terminology covers questions you can ask while eating, keep reading to learn more!   Phrases in Japanese   Irasshai Mase    “irasshaimase!” means “Welcome to the store!” […]