How to Drink Whiskey in Japan?

Japanese whisky production stretches back to the early 19th century.   Today, visitors to Japan experience that culture for themselves in bars and restaurants around the country   How to drink whiskey in Japan   Look for Subtlety   Japanese whiskey tends to distinguish itself from conventional scotch, and other whiskeys, with a subtlety of […]

The Interesting Relationship Between Japanese Food and Whiskey

You still don’t know Japanese whiskey? You might be surprised to learn that they are among the best in the world.   When pairing Japanese whiskey with food, serve the whiskey neat or slightly chilled. Sip the whiskey before or just after you take a bite and don’t cleanse your palate in between drinks.   […]

Get to Know Agari: The Japanese Green Tea

The idea behind hot green tea in sushi restaurants is that the astringency of the tea cuts the fat from the food. In this way, you clean your mouth so you can try a different kind of sushi. Agari offers the right amount of flavor that complements sushi. Let’s learn more about this green tea, […]

Japanese Beer

If there is a country in the world full of culture and traditions, it can undoubtedly be Japan. The land of the rising sun, where today, technology, modernity, and deep-rooted customs go hand in hand. Also, it has its little piece of history and beer culture written all over it.   Contrary to what one […]

Drinking in Japan: Check These Tips!

Are you visiting Japan? Or maybe you already live in the country. Here are some practical rules to follow for drinking etiquette.   In general, Japanese society is quite indulgent with the manners of foreigners. As long as you try to stick to the way things usually are done and don’t get confused, you’re probably […]

Top 5 Typical Peru Drinks

In Peru, not only the food is delicious. Drinks taste pretty good as well; these are the best typical drinks from Peru.

5 detox juices to cleanse the organism

Detox juices are a great way to start a healthy lifestyle and to consume fruits and vegetables with a different method. Check these five juices and add a new component to your diet!