Fusion cuisine is a general concept that is used in gastronomy to indicate both the mixture of culinary styles of different cultures and the mix of ingredients representative of other countries, a blend of condiments and spices, culinary practices, among others.


Some great chefs have dared to apply the fusion cuisine — besides, one of the main responsible for taking all these mergers around the world. Today we show you the most outstanding chefs around the world who have brought fusion cuisine to the level of quality it is today.


Prominent chefs in fusion cuisine


Ricardo Sanz


The Spaniard has four Michelin stars in his restaurants Kabuki Wellington, Kabuki, Abama Kabuki, and Kabuki Raw.

This Chef is characterized by mixing Japanese flavors with Mediterranean.

His dishes include quail egg sushi with truffle, bull sashimi with tumaca bread, and white fish with Canary black potato and green mojo.


James Berckemeyer Anderson


With restaurants such as La Ladrillera in Cieneguilla and Cosme in his curriculum, the Peruvian Chef specializes in the gastronomy of the nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian) and chifa (Chinese-Peruvian) types.

Among its star dishes are raw salmon, potato, ciboulette, mushroom and lemon, duck with loche, and chicha de Jora.


Atsumi Sota


Clown Bar is already an icon of France thanks to the Japanese Chef, who is an expert in fusing French techniques with Japanese flavors.

His menu includes dishes such as sardine beignets, duck-filled Pithivier cake, and veal brains marinated in a vinaigrette.


Roberto Ruiz


The Mexican puts the national cuisine on high with a twist that includes Spanish ingredients. His Punto MX restaurant, located in Madrid, has earned him a Michelin star and two Repsol Suns.

It prepares a delicious black mole with pigeon and plantain, beef salpicón with pickles, carabinero with guajillo chile, and caldillo.


Claudette Zepeda Wilkins


With her own restaurant El Jardín in San Diego, Zepeda exhibits a style created by her in collaboration with other colleagues: cocina Alta California.

Her recipes include sea bass curing in green sauce and chili puree, Surf and Turf with shrimp and crispy dried meat, chapulines, errado, and avocado.


Tomas Kalika


Living in Israel led Argentinean Thomas Kalila to discover his love of Jewish cooking; this is reflected in his restaurant Mishiguene, located in the Latam 50 Best Restaurants list.

His Russian-Polish beetroot stew, his Moroccan lamb, fried artichokes from Rome, and his Jachnun from Yemen are some of his most popular dishes.

The fusion cuisine requires an in-depth knowledge of several regional kitchens and a multi-ethnic team for its elaboration. The result is usually daring and will depend on the creative capacity of the Chef involved.


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Fusion cuisine would be nothing without them.

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