Fusion cuisine is a general concept that is used in gastronomy to indicate the combination of flavors, ingredients, and techniques that opens a world of possibilities for culinary experimentation.


The different fusion cuisines are carried out in many ways. In some cases, it can be motivated by the creativity of a community of cooks or commonly by pure fusion of cultures due to their physical displacements like immigration.


Fusion Cuisine Around The World




The arrival of Chinese people in Peru and Ecuador at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century led to the well-known “Chifa” gastronomy, which combines recipes from the East with the resources available in these Latin countries.


Main “chifa” dishes:


-Rice chaufa. 

-Wantan soup. 

-Jumped Noodles.

-Kam Lu Wantan. 

-Chicken Chi Jau Kay.

-Chicken with vegetables.




It is from 1980 that the Nikkei food was consolidated and became known as a fusion food that includes Japanese and primarily Peruvian ingredients such as lemon, garlic, rocoto, ají panca, ají amarillo, ají limo.


A Peruvian dish in which the strong Japanese influence is noticeable is the “tiradito,” it consists of a raw fish cut into thin pieces, bathed in a spicy, cold and acid sauce. Although not applicable to this particular cooking, the modern use of wok in Peruvian cuisine is due to this oriental influence.


Read more about the history of Asia Fusion in Peru: https://1111nikkeiizakaya.com/uncategorized/east-asia-fusion-with-peruvian-cuisine/


Tex Mex


Tex Mex is a blend of native Texas food and 16th-century Spanish cuisine. Native Americans contributed to Tex-Mex food, including pecans, pinto beans, onions, and mesquite. From the 19th century to the present, the kitchen is a reflection of the coming and going. But it maintains a Mesoamerican and New Spanish background derived from the continuous adaptation of recipes by the same Mexican migrants, who yearn for the kitchen of their native house.


Preparations such as fajitas, tacos, and burritos originated there, as a mixture between Mexican flavors and ingredients, with the convenience of fast-food philosophy of the Americans, more specifically, of the state of Texas.




A merger that begins in the Louisiana region corresponds to the descendants of displaced French-Canadians descendants who were expelled from Acadia, a rural area in Canada, and then incorporated into the British Crown, in the lands of the United States. Specifically in New Orleans located to the south of the United States.



It is characterized by being a rustic cuisine, simple to prepare and based on local ingredients. The culture of this land is markedly European. There occurred a mixture of French culinary traditions with that of the Spaniards, Africans, British and natives of that area.


The main condiments in this food are typical of these lands. The main ones are parsley, bay leaf, cayenne pepper, thyme, garlic, and paprika.




Balti is the name given to the food born in Birmingham in the 1970s and is the result of the fusion of Indian and British culture. 


Its dishes are Hindu-style and seasoned with lots of spicy curry sauce.


Some of the main dishes are:


-Chicken Bhuna consists of a piece of chicken breast accompanied by cilantro, ginger, and cumin. 

-Balti Gosht, a lamb stew seasoned with curry.

-Chicken tikka masala, a chicken, seasoned with a combination of different spices are other top dishes. 


There are also wines from the Balti gastronomy that go perfectly with this spicy food.


Mediterranean-Asian Cuisine


Asian food is becoming more and more diverse. In addition to the popularity of Chinese food, the Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean have been added over the years. Therefore, many restaurants are already betting on the culinary fusion of these. 


Some of the dishes are:


-Shrimp wrapped in gyoza with wasabi and oyster sauce

-Nilgiris from sea bass to bilbain.


Fusion cuisine is becoming increasingly famous in many corners of the world. Fusion cuisine requires excellent skill, but above all imagination and a spirit of adventure to dare to play with ingredients and preparation techniques. Do you dare to try it?


These fusions present tons of flavors and ingredients!

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