The term Nikkei in Peru is often used to refer to Japanese immigrants living in the country. It was not until the 1980s that the concept was expanded to incorporate also to an innovative creation: the kitchen that fuses Peruvian ingredients with the traditional Japanese cuisine.


Ingredients of Nikkei Cuisine


-Pasta de ají panca: typical sauce of the Peruvian cuisine, based on this chili pepper garnet colored.

-Shichimi togarashi: condiment that is a mixture of seven ingredients, between they nori, sesame seeds, poppy, and hemp.

-Sweet miso sauce: aromatized Japanese pasta and fermented made with grains of soy.

-Pasta rocoto: of Peruvian origin, very spicy, the rocoto is a red and round pepper with which this packaged pasta is made.

-Shiso: condiment made with the base of the dried leaves of the Japanese plum tree.

-Mirín: rice wine similar to sake, with low in alcohol and slightly flavored sweet.

-Pasta de ají amarillo: this ají en pasta is used in dishes such as aji de gallina and the potatoes to the huancaína.

-Hondashi: Japanese extract of tuna in the dust.

-Oyster sauce: ingredient of consistency viscose, is applied in a large variety of dishes in Asia.

-Soy sauce: the perfect condiment to intensify the flavor of all dishes.


The need to have the traditional flavors of Japan appeared and gave life to the Nikkei kitchen, product of the encounter, and fusion of Peruvian ingredients with the Japanese seasoning.


Not only did they bring their native ingredients, but they also looked for alternatives to supply some of them. Among them, the Japanese potato, which was very well replaced by its Peruvian similarity. The Peruvian mustard took the place of the turnip and the chili pepper, which are now quite common among immigrants at mealtime.


“All these changes were pleasantly accepted, not only in Peru but also in the world, making Nikkei cuisine one of the most prestigious and refined planet.”



These ingredients provide tons of flavors.


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