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Peru has become the world center of gastronomy. But this popularity of Peruvian cuisine is a real challenge for tourists when choosing a place to eat.


It is no secret to anyone that Lima is one of the leading culinary destinations and its reputation is on the rise, as thousands of visitors who have the privilege of passing through the Peruvian capital appear in gourmet restaurants in the city.


Lima has the attention of food lovers; however, the culinary reputation of the Peruvian capital creates a dilemma for travelers: with so many excellent places to eat, where should they go?


Where to find the best dishes? Before the great variety of restaurants that are disputed to prepare the best meals, the following questions arise: where to try the best ceviche and the most delicious “sigh of Lima”? Discover in this article the most recommended places to enjoy the best Peruvian cuisine.




The fusion of Peruvian and Japanese food gives rise to Nikkei food, very famous in Lima. Maido is a space that combines both cultures from the gastronomic point of view. At present, it occupies eighth place in the world list of the best restaurants. Their specialty is sushi, although there are also other dishes created by chef Mitsuharu Tsumura of great delight for the palate.


Punto Azul


It is an economical restaurant specializing in “ceviche” and typical dishes such as “tacu tacu” (a pancake-style dish made with rice and beans covered with meat and fried egg). In general, tacu tacu is consumed at breakfast, and if you are having lunch, try to show up before 12:30 p.m, because no reservations are made. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.




What impresses most about this beautiful restaurant is its panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. The spectacular landscape immerses you in an atmosphere of tranquility. Their menu offers a great diversity of traditional Peruvian dishes with an exquisite gourmet touch.




For the night lovers, the Ayahuasca restaurant offers a series of small dishes to accompany the most delicious cocktails made with Pisco. It is a very cozy place located in the very fashionable neighborhood of Barranco. Its infrastructure recalls the republican era since the restobar was built in the apotheosis Berninzon Mansion dating from 1875 and 1895.


The restaurant is open during the night; it is a pleasant reference after dinner to spend a moment of entertainment with friends while you enjoy drinks.




This is a place of pride in Peru because it has been listed several times as the best restaurant in Latin America. The chef in charge of this reputable business is Virgilio Martínez Véliz, a professional with significant experience in the gastronomic field, responsible for the management of several culinary establishments.


The exciting thing about this gourmet center is that the dishes are prepared with indigenous ingredients from all corners of Peru.


El restaurante at Hotel B


This restaurant is part of the exclusive and luxurious Hotel B located in Barranco; it has a beautiful Belle Époque architectural design. It has been considered one of the best restaurants in Lima; within its menu, there is a vast catalog of wines that serve as a snack during dinner.


Astrid and Gastón


It has been operating for more than 20 years and remains at the forefront of the gastronomic environment of Lima. Its name is due to its founders Gastón Acurio and Astrid Gutsche, who make up a couple of German origins.


In 2014, the restaurant was relocated in an expensive area in the emblematic Casa Moreyra. The current responsible for culinary delights is chef Juan David Ocampo. It’s a legendary place for dinner in the city capital, but remember to make your reservation.


La Lucha y La República


If you are looking for something cheap, quaint and fun, go to Kennedy Park or “cat park” thanks to the number of stray cats that walk there.


In the area, there are two Peruvian fast food restaurants close to each other: La Lucha and La República. Tasty, freshly cooked homemade dishes are offered.


You have two options: eat there or in an outdoor bank. It opens its doors until night; unquestionably, an attractive alternative if you decide for a snack at midnight.


If you embark on the adventure in Lima, do not forget to try a universe of Peruvian cuisine that awaits you.


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