Peruvian coast
This region exhibits the beauty of the Pacific Ocean with landscapes showing the Peruvian desert.

The Peruvian coast makes its way to a horizon bathed by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. More than 3,000 km of extension along the entire coast give rise to beautiful natural landscapes where an abundant marine fauna unfolds that serves as a starting point for a gastronomic culture. This culture houses a variety of dishes whose main protagonists are, without a doubt, seafood.


The delicious Peruvian cuisine is the result of a marked influence from three different geographical areas: the Pacific coast and the Amazon rainforest with its tasty fish, the high Andean with dishes made from delicious potatoes prepared in a thousand ways.


Traditional Peruvian dishes currently incorporate delicious beef heart skewers, popularly known as “anticuchos,” which enhance the body and soul, “tamales” (boiled corn stuffed with cheese and meat covered in banana leaf), “tacu tacu” (meat, beans, eggs, and rice dish), grilled chicken faithfully seasoned with Peruvian spices. The sauteed loin that recalls Chinese cuisine, rice with chicken seasoned with coriander, “ají de gallina” (a sauce prepared with yellow chili milk that is spread on strips of chicken lying on boiled potatoes). An endless gastronomic repertoire!


Ingredients such as potatoes, chili, cassava, mashua, custard apple, sweet potato, quinoa, tarwi, pallares, and many other foods accompany the main dishes based on fish and shellfish, an essential part of this vibrant cuisine.


From this natural delicacy with native products ideal for a healthy diet, the famous ceviche arises a typical Peruvian dish of raw fish marinated with onion and chili, cooked in lemon juice.


It is served accompanied by sweet potatoes, giant grain corn and with “canchita,” as fried corn it is called. Some complement this dish with a bubbly ice-cold beer, a must-see dish! For those who are lucky enough to visit Peru, this menu is the most famous of all Peruvian cuisine. Going to Peru and not trying a good ceviche, it’s unforgivable.


Peruvian coast cuisine: nothing like a good lunch ceviche with tiger’s milk!


The best ceviche, according to Lima, is eaten at lunch, taking advantage of the freshness of the fish in its natural state. You will surely be encouraged to try tiger’s milk, which is nothing more than the tasty remaining juice of ceviche. A nutrient-laden beverage that you can drink at the end of the dish or request it in a glass individually.


Did you know that you can order a mixed ceviche? Mix octopus fillets, shrimp and fish to taste, chili, corn, purple onion and bathe the mixture with lemon juice. Add it as you wish to savor the gods!


The vast culinary list includes shrimp lollipop (stewed shrimp), mussel soup, “tiradito” (a dish quite similar to ceviche but the fish is bathed in hot pepper sauce, “chicharrones de calamar” (fried squid) and grilled fish. There is nothing fresher and nutritious.


You cannot miss the juicy “tallarines verdes” (the sauce is prepared with evaporated milk, parmesan cheese, basil, spicy and nuts) that must be accompanied by meat and a touch of basil, the “locro de zapallo” (a pumpkin stew with potatoes and corn that will raise your energy to a thousand).


In this exceptional menu, the sauteed loin should be consumed for its high protein content, usually sauteed with various Peruvian vegetables and species. A real tribute to the palate!


The taste of Peruvian cuisine is endless, but if there is something that should be brought to the palate, at least once, it’s spicy seafood. This natural aphrodisiac is prepared sauteed with octopus, crab pulp, onion, chili, potato, and native species.


Dishes such as “jalea mixta” (fried seafood and fish accompanied by banana chips), cau cau (beef stew), “escabeche de pollo” (chicken vinaigrette), “carapulcra” (alpaca meat, fried pork, dried beans (pork with beans and rice ) are never missing from the Peruvian table.


A universe of flavors that are generally served daily on the coast of Peru which familiarizes you with an ancestral gastronomic culture of Inca and Spanish roots that goes back many years. That, until today, is protected with a lot of simplicity and respect from the Peruvian people.


The Peruvian coast can present breathtaking views and incredible food.


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