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Peruvian have their manners and traditions at the table.


Peruvians have particular forms of etiquette during dinner; they are rules that apply both at parties and meetings. So, if you decide to travel to Peru, make sure you know each of these rules, and thus spend an incredible night.


Peruvian cuisine is one of the best in the world. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to have dinner in a Peruvian house, the first thing you should do is bring a gift, it can be a glass of wine, candy, or chocolates.


It is also essential that you dress according to the situation; going well dressed is a standard of etiquette for both a house, a party, or a business meeting. Now, if it’s just about going to a restaurant to eat with friends, you can wear a more casual outfit, but it’s still important to wear proper clothes.


Usually, dinners with Peruvians are held in restaurants, but regardless of where the meeting is going to be, it is crucial that you be there 30 minutes late or one hour after the scheduled time.


For the party, it is important to greet all those who are in the place; men shake hands while women can kiss each other on the cheek.


It all depends on the relationship or link that exists between you and the person, does not address issues such as politics, religion, money, or business because they are not appropriate for an event or meeting. When you arrive at the table, let your host tell you where you are going to sit, the men and women are located on opposite sides of the table.


In the table



During the meal



After eat


Place the fork and knife with your teeth facing down, in the 10:00 position.


When everyone finishes eating, wait half an hour before getting up; usually, this time is for digestion and a good conversation.


Wait for the host to get up and invite you to do the same. Usually, a drink is served at the end of the meal.


At the time of leaving the place


In the case of eating in a restaurant, the host will call the “waiter” and request the invoice.


The host is the person who pays the bill, but you must offer to collaborate on some of the amounts.


If you are the host, you must pay the bill and 10% of the tip for the service.


These are some of the rules of etiquette for dinner with Peruvians, warm people, family, friends, and entrenched ancestral customs that make them unique and special.



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Peruvians can surprise visitants with their good manners at the table.




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