Not only has Peruvian food traveled throughout the world and positioned itself in the most famous gastronomy around the world, but also its population, the Peruvians. 


“An important Peruvian population also resides in the United States and is creating society and culture that contributes to the redefinition of the country.


Peruvians in the United States


The Peruvian population in the United States has grown by approximately 50% in the last 10 years. The Census Bureau reported 412,349 Peruvians in 2005. In 2010 there were 589,671, and in 2014 there were 626,789.


The cities where the Peruvian population is most centered are those of the North East, such as Patterson, New Jersey, and Utah.


Peruvian Culture


The population is so established that little by little Peruvians have taken their traditions to feel at home. Celebrations such as Lord of Miracles Procession is held in different cities, and one of the main is Utah. 


“They may not gather the millions of followers that the image calls forth in Lima, but the pilgrimage is important.”


Another of the celebrated traditions is the Marinera norteña a folk dance that represents the national culture of Peru.


Peruvian Cuisine


Peruvians are still a long way from their goal of globalizing Peruvian food, but they are on the right track, say several analysts. The population living in the United States has been the fundamental basis for the popularization of Peruvian food. 


Ají amarillo, ají panca, uchuvas, and amaranth are other ingredients of Peruvian cuisine that enjoy increasing popularity in the United States.


“Peruvians have also opened grocery stores in many places, and Peruvian importers have set up a business bringing in the products of their homeland. As a result many other Latin bodegas and stores carry Peruvian products.”


The Peruvian culture is very present in the United States, restaurants, locals, cultural celebrations, and many other things belonging to this country, have begun to become famous in the USA.



The Peruvian community in America is bigger than ever!2

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