Purple corn
These ingredients are the core of the Peruvian dishes.

Peruvian cuisine is known for being one of the most varied and delicious in the world, of course, and many secrets behind each flavor hide among the ingredients. It’s time to talk about them. We have made a list with 10 essential Peruvian cuisine ingredients; so if you love to make good food, you better start taking notes.


10 Basic Peruvian Cuisine Ingredients


Behind every tasty dish, there are good ingredients, and Peru is full of exquisite dishes. After taking a look at the ingredients, there is no wonder why its gastronomy is one of the most popular ones in the whole world.


Papa Amarilla


We can’t talk about Peruvian cuisine ingredients without mentioning the yellow potato. This potato is slightly smaller than the white potato and stands out in a lot of Peruvian dishes above the great variety of potatoes in the country. It is crucial to keep in mind that it’s quite delicate, so it should not boil for too long.


Ají Amarillo


This ingredient receives this name because of its color, ají amarillo (yellow pepper) and it’s one of the Peruvian cuisine ingredients that is used frequently. It has a very distinctive flavor, and we can find it on famous dishes such as causa rellena, lomo saltado, escabeche, and others.


Maíz Morado


This particular corn can be found in different presentations, but its most popular one is chicha morada, one of the most popular non-alcoholic drinks among the people of the country.


Red Onion


Red onions are used in several Peruvian dishes such as ceviche, lomo saltado, escabeche, and a lot more; everyone seems to enjoy its sweet taste.




Herbs can be necessary to add that unique flavor to food, and in Peru, that’s pretty clear. Cilantro is often used in dishes like arroz con pollo, escabeches, the famous ceviche, tamalitos verdes, and others.




Speaking of herbs, huacatay is another one used in various Peruvian dishes too. Huacatay sauce is often found in dishes such as pollo a la brasa and different roasted meats.




An ingredient that usually can be found in different Peruvian dishes is rice, whether as companions or as the main ingredient of many dishes such as rice with chicken.




Several of Peru’s most typical dishes are made with chicken; ají de gallina, pollo a la brasa, escabeche de pollo, and many other dishes require chicken since it is its main ingredient. This makes it a crucial element in Peruvian cuisine.




Tomatoes are a popular vegetable among Peruvian cuisine ingredients, these are frequently used in different salads and sauces, so it is a fundamental vegetable.




When it comes to Peruvian cuisine ingredients, it is impossible to forget about fish. In Peru, there is an incredible variety of fish, and these serve as ingredients for several Peruvian dishes. Ceviche is a great example, the most emblematic fish dish in all Peru.


It’s important to mention that despite the ingredients, what makes any plate delicious is its preparation, so if you’re considering to make one popular Peruvian dish, you should always keep this in mind.


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