Christmas is a time of celebration and above all food in abundance. As one of the most celebrated holidays in the world, Christmas embodies vibrant traditions in the world’s food culture. Peru has some exquisite and extraordinary dishes.

Today we will show you delicious dishes from a traditional Christmas dinner in Peru.

Peruvian Christmas Dishes

Turkey: Baked turkey with spices and sauces, an exquisite sea of flavors.

Christmas salads: Beans, quinoa, eggs, avocado, corn, and fruit purees like apple or quince puree are all the essential elements of an excellent Peruvian salad, and the combinations of flavors are out of this world.

Tubers: like potatoes, sweet potatoes, yucca (casava), and maca are an important part of the Christmas dinner in Peru. 

Rice: another staple of the Peruvian diet, rice, and rice dishes are often some of the most vibrant and tasty offerings at Christmas dinner. 

Tamales: Traditional at Christmas time, the fillings range from pork to fish and can be sweet or savory, depending on preference.

Panettone: sweet yeast bread baked in a dome-shaped mold and containing candied fruits and raisins.

Enter this link, and you will find the steps to follow to prepare these dishes:

These are the most outstanding dishes of the Peruvian Christmas season, all exquisite, some accompanied by others. Have you tried some? You will not regret it! 

christmas dinner
Peruvians eat traditional food at Christmas.

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