A good guest table doesn’t look right without tasty flavors and colorful appetizers. Here you have a selection of 5 easy Peruvian appetizers for guests and parties with which to surprise without much work and with simple ingredients.


5 Peruvian appetizers


Fresh Ceviche


This is Peru’s national dish.

Ceviche is a dish of raw seafood, usually containing fish. Then lemon juice is added. The acid of this citrus fruit lightly cooks the fish.


Peruvian Tequeños with Cheese


Even in Peru, the parties are full of Tequeños. These sandwiches are made from fried wonton wrappers stuffed with white cheese and served with guacamole. 


Stuffed Peruvian Empanadas


Other countries like Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil have their delicious versions, but the Peruvian recipe is unique.

The dough is quite simple, combine flour, butter, water, and egg yolk. The filling can be to your liking. A classic Peruvian combination is beef, olives, and eggs. 


Starchy Tamales


Tamales are a kind of dough cooked inside a corn or banana leaf. The mixture is made from corn or potatoes with other products, such as vegetables and meats, mixed.

This recipe takes about two and a half hours to prepare. 


Meaty Anticuchos


If you are looking for a Peruvian aperitif smooth to prepare, the anticucho is the right one. This dish is just meat on a stick. 

Before grilling, marinate your Peruvian-style meat with a little lemon, vinegar, and chili.


These are excellent appetizers that will delight everyone!

Empanada de ají de gallina
These appetizers bring the Peruvian flavor to the party.

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