osechi ryori
Osechi Ryori is an important meal for Japaneses in New Year.


Osechi Ryori is a typical Japanese food that involves a tradition, preparing to celebrate the new year in the company of the family. Together they await the departure of the old year and the arrival of the new year.



Each food has its meaning and symbolizes good wishes such as wealth, health, well-being, and happiness the following year. It is a traditional meal in Japan to receive a new year and includes a variety of different dishes; all use healthy and natural ingredients.



Many celebratory meals in Japan represent a desire for good luck and prosperity for the coming year. Food is packed rigorously in a multi-level box called Jyubako, something similar to bento boxes.



But what is the meaning of each food in Osechi Ryori? Although it seems a curious fact, each meal has a purpose and is packed in a different space according to levels.



These are typical foods of the new year and are included in the Osechi Ryory box, let’s see what this thorough preparation of the new year consists of. Foods are differentiated from each other by levels: First level, Second level, and Third level.



First level



In this level are lucky foods, popularly known as Iwaisakana, the following dishes are mentioned:




Second level



The foods located in this level are called Kuchitori; it includes pickles, the following dishes stand out:




Third level



In this third level are seafood dishes such as:




Fourth level



It is the level of vegetables and legumes; the main ones are:



Fifth level



By tradition, the fifth level remains empty; you can use two, three, or four levels, it doesn’t matter. The precious thing is to enjoy the family company and a good meal. It is essential to share with all family members for three days the celebration of the arrival of a new year, which is expected with love, hope, faith, and wishes of prosperity for all.


osechi ryori
Osechi Ryori is an important meal for Japaneses in New Year.


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