Chifa is a term originated in Peru to refer both to the cuisine brought and adapted by Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Central Asian immigrants since the mid-nineteenth century, as well as to the restaurants where the food is served.


This fusion makes use of certain vegetables that give the touch to each dish. Today we will provide you with a shortlist of the main condiments and vegetables used in chifa cuisine.


The main vegetables used in chifa cuisine are


-Peppers: Peruvian peppers such as limo, dry, and fresh are used; other varieties packed in jars are also imported. 

-Cau choy (Chinese garlic): It spices up the food by adding a strong sweet taste.

-Chinese eggplant: Very similar to cucumber, can be replaced by the traditional eggplant.

-Cay choy: It has leaves very similar to those of chard, serves for pickles and sautéed dishes.

-Chinese onion: It uses its stem and also its chopped leaves. It is a basic co-rapporteur of Chinese lacquina.

-Chinese bean: Sprouts of the bean germinated soybean, very well-known in Peru.

-Chinese cabbage: It is used in broths, salted, and other stews.

-Jolantao (Chinese pea): accompanies many dishes.

-Choy sam: Vegetable widely used in sautéed, enhances the flavor.

-Kion (ginger): It is a very appreciated root that highlights the flavor of stews, sautéed, and broths.

-Turnip: Ideal for pickling or sweet dishes.

-Pac choy (Shanghai cabbage): A delightful type of cabbage.

-Sen cua: Chinese zucchini, an ingredient used in the sautéed.


All these vegetables are used in the great variety of dishes, “Chifa.” An exquisite fusion that will surprise you with its great flavors. Do you dare to try any of them?


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