Learning new cultures is an amazing experience!

Learning basic Japanese terminology regarding the dining experience can serve to enhance your meal. 


In addition to the basic greetings commonly used in Japan, the following Japanese terminology covers questions you can ask while eating, keep reading to learn more!


Phrases in Japanese


Irasshai Mase 


“irasshaimase!” means “Welcome to the store!” This greeting can be used in both a retail establishment and a restaurant.




Common ways of saying either hello or good evening.




The most common way to say thank you in Japanese.




A way of saying goodbye that carries the meaning that you will not see the person for a long time.


Items on the Table




The Japanese word for chopsticks is hashi, but the “o” is added as a prefix indicated respect for the object.


Gohan (gohan can literally mean cooked white rice or the entire meal)


Gohan technically refers to a meal (additions to the word, such as asagohan, refer to the type of meal—in this case, breakfast). Gohan is also one of the many names for rice, which can also be a meal.




Any side dishes that are served and eaten with rice or soup are okazu. 




When something is very good, and you’d like some more, you should ask for “okawari.”




Means “this is delicious”


Gochiso sama


After you’ve finished your meal, you express your thanks and gratitude by saying Gochiso sama.




Umami is full of fantastic flavor. 


Learning and practicing this Japanese terminology, you’ll be able to elevate your dining experience in a Japanese restaurant or in Japan.

It’s good to praise the chef and the food in its original language!

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