Agari has a long tradition in Japan.

The idea behind hot green tea in sushi restaurants is that the astringency of the tea cuts the fat from the food. In this way, you clean your mouth so you can try a different kind of sushi. Agari offers the right amount of flavor that complements sushi. Let’s learn more about this green tea, keep reading!


Agari (Konacha) green tea


Agari or Konacha is the traditional green tea in most Japanese sushi restaurants as part of the sushi eating experience. It is usually not on the menu and is served for free. Agari is usually made from Konacha, a powdered tea created from the dust, buds and small leaves leftover from processing fine green teas like Sencha and Gyokuro.


Other Japanese green teas that can be enjoyed with sushi


Gyokuro: This tea is one of the highest grades of tea in Japan and can have a very high price. It is made from intense green tea leaves and has a mild flavor.


Sencha: Since this variety of green tea has a sweet and grassy taste, you better advertise your sushi food. It is a light and refreshing drink.


Kukicha: This green tea, made from the twigs of the green tea plant, has a creamy, nutty flavor. It is a lovely tea to finish your sushi meal.


Genmaicha: The green tea leaves are mixed with roasted rice to make this excellent Japanese tea. This light yellow tea is light enough to have between your sushi meals or to round off a light meal.


Matcha: This beautiful green tea is a wonderful and rich way to finish your meal. If you want to go a step further, you can opt for the matcha dessert flavor.


In Japan, they are looking for high-quality Konacha, which are made only of gyokuro or of the highest quality. 


In many Western restaurants, sushi is combined with sake, a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice. This is not a conventional pairing since sushi has rice in it as well. If you want to opt for alcohol, white wines like a refreshing Reisling or a light red wine like a Pinot Noir are good choices. Japanese fruit wines and beers also work well.


“Agari is a traditional green tea that accompanies sushi meals. However, not that many people understand the true meaning of Agari.
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