In Japan, these are the favorite vegetables for this month.

February is the month when Japan slowly begins to say goodbye to winter with the celebration of the Setsubun, and was the plums start to bloom.


As always, there are festivities and specific things to do during each month and each season.


Vegetables in February


Onions and avocados are in season in Japan! You can serve it as a side dish or main ingredient. Fresh and vibrant ingredients are the cornerstone of traditional Japanese cuisine, especially vegetables. 


Many dishes use vegetables that are in season to maximize the flavor as well as the health benefits of the meal. 




Avocado plays a significant role in many Japanese dishes. It is used in sauces and salads, in donburi rice bowls, and on its own, sliced and sprinkled with soy sauce and sesame oil.


Tips for choosing the best avocados of the season


-The ripest avocados will be very dark in color with only a few green spots on the skin

-They must feel firm to the touch

-When they are very soft and flexible, they are beyond maturity

-If it’s too hard, it hasn’t matured yet. 


 Coose ripe avocados if you plan to eat them quickly. If you’re going to wait a few days, choose the ones that still have more green in the skin.


Avocados are very healthy, they contain: 




-Antioxidants to improve skin and hair 


Tuna and Avocado Sushi Roll


A maki sushi roll is a classic and very healthy dish. The addition of sesame seeds adds levels of umami.


How to prepare it:




Onions participate in Japanese cuisines, such as soups and noodle dishes. 


Tips for choosing the best onions of the season


Early spring onions are usually a little sweeter than fully grown onions, and they also contain more water. However, we recommend that


-Fresh onions have dry skins and are firm to the touch; avoid those that are slimy or appear to wilt. 

-To maintain their freshness, store them in a cool and dry place, and they will keep for 3-4 weeks.


In addition to adding an exquisite flavor to many dishes, onions are also quite nutritious. They contain: 




-Vitamins C, B and potassium.

-Helps improve heart health

-Reduces the risk of various ailments and diseases such as cancer and diabetes

-Improves blood sugar levels

-Improves bone health


Tuna and Onion Dashi Soup


Soup with tuna and shiitake mushrooms is an easy dish to make with only a few ingredients.


how to prepare it:


Japan is one of the countries where their food is really characteristic and exotic. An explosion of flavors in every dish, they make use of thousands of vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts. If you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful country or even visit a Japanese restaurant, dare to try new dishes! You will not regret it.

These vegetables enhance the different flavors of the Japanese dishes.

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