Japanese women
These foods will help you taste Japanese flavors.

Japanese cuisine is incredibly delicious, and the best part is that you can find something delicious in a wide variety of prices. 


The street food is also very tasty. We bring you a small list of Japanese street food that you should try, keep reading!


Japanese Street food


-Yakisoba: sautéed noodles, usually made with thinly sliced carrots, cabbage, green pepper, and pork.


-Choco banana: banana covered with chocolate on a stick, which is eaten at summer festivals in Japan. It can be covered with milk, white chocolate, or strawberry.


-Crepes: are served on a thin crepe with ice cream, whipped cream, and many other ingredients to choose from. There are even salty versions. 


-Jaga Bata: baked potato with the skin peeled topped with butter.


-Onsen Tamago: eggs that have been cooked by a natural onsen hot spring.


-Ikayaki: grilled squid.


-Nikuman: Chinese Baozi dumplings filled with pork.


-Taiyaki: candy in the form of a fish often filled with red bean paste or cream.


-Kakigori: Shaved ice, served with sweet syrup, different flavors, such as matcha, watermelon, and more.


-Yakitori: is a grilled chicken on a skewer that can be eaten simply with salt or with a kind of soy sauce.


You will find food stalls that at first sight, go unnoticed until they light the fires. If you’re lucky, you’ll find summer nights with some matsuri, festivals that take place at dusk, accompanied by traditional dances, fireworks, and delicious food.


Japanese store
The food in Japan’s streets is incredibly tasty!

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