Japanese breakfast is a very complete and nutritional meal.

The Japanese diet, in general, is characterized by being a healthy one. That is why it is believed that Japan is the country with more centenaries in the world (there are about 70,000 registered). According to data from the WHO, its life expectancy is the highest on the planet.


Japanese breakfast



The traditional breakfast is a combination of ingredients full of energy. While classic Western breakfasts with milk, toast, butter, or croissants, for example, are full of saturated fats and sugars, Japanese breakfasts are more balanced and nutritious. With a perfect balance between protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables, accompanied by green tea.



Miso soup is often on the menu, along with rice, a side of pickled vegetables or cooked vegetables, and something high in protein, such as fish or fermented soybeans, known as natto.



Easy preparation: you can purchase or prepare many of the dishes, such as the soup, rice, and side items the evening before.



Balanced and nutritious: the combination of different foods delivers a hefty dose of healthy vitamins and minerals that provide many health benefits. Miso soup itself is exceptionally healthy, as are pickled vegetables and fermented soybeans.



Eating fresh, healthy ingredients each morning, in proper portions, will help to contribute to your overall health and well-being.



The Japanese breakfast improves digestion to low blood pressure. Beans and legumes, seafood, vegetables, seaweed, fermented products, and foods high in fiber but low in calories all contribute to better health.



The main components of a perfect Japanese breakfast to start the day are:



Steamed rice: The rice has carbohydrates to start the day.



Protein: Grilled, steamed or boiled, fish is a fundamental component, which can be exchanged for a soft-boiled egg or some tofu.



Miso soup: Umami flavor and warmth for our bodies. Easy to prepare if you buy some ingredients in an Asian shop that will make it easier for you to make. 



We need energy and nutrients to carry out our daily activities. A lack of this causes fatigue and loss of energy. The Japanese breakfast is a complete and nutritious option to start your day.


There are many reasons to try Japanese breakfast.

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