As we have already mentioned before, Peru has the significant characteristic of sharing several influences in its cuisine, from African, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and the Italian influence, which we will discuss today.


Italian cuisine is recognized worldwide for being very varied, which influenced Peruvian cuisine and its culinary style.  


Read on and learn more about Italian-Peruvian fusion.


Arrival from Italy to Peru 


Apart from the intense economic crisis that occurred in Italy, the Italians were attracted to our country initially by the guano of the islands, and also because they saw that Peru was a stable country; this resulted in a tremendous cultural exchange in the country.


The most predominant culinary contributions from Italy came mainly from Genoa and secondly from Naples, as 80% of Italians who came to our country were Genoese.


Main dishes of Italian influence:


-Pesto, basil sauce and pine nuts that we change here for walnuts.

-Red noodles, prepared with tomato sauce.

-Soap Menestron

-In the 1930s, the Neapolitans began to arrive, bringing the pizza, typical food of that region.

-Paneton of Milan.


Also, the Italians brought their multiple varieties of wines, which have 194 denominations of origin that attest to their excellent quality. Along with Marsala, Brunello di Montalcino, Spumante d’Asti, Barolo, Barbera, Chianti or Valpolicella there are others less well known but with outstanding character.


To the more active use of spinach, carrots, broccoli, and zucchini, they also introduced ice cream.


By 1878, the milling industry was able to cover a large field in Peru. Twelve factories of noodles already existed, being the Italian owners.


Today the Italian influence in Peruvian cuisine is very famous. Many original Italian dishes have been Peruvianized or, rather, creolized. Pesto noodles used to be based on basil, vegetables, and walnuts. The Creole version adds basil, and instead of the fine Italian Parmesan cheese, it uses fresh cheese so as not to complicate itself.



Peru is always delighted with its exquisite gastronomy, and has more influence from foreign countries than we would believe! Visit Peru and dare to experiment!


This fusion brings so much flavor to the gastronomy.

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