green tea
Green tea is a huge part of Japanese culture.

Green tea is an essential part of Japanese culture and history. So much so that there is an entire day dedicated to celebrating it! 


Green tea is essential not only at mealtime but in everyday life


Green tea is incorporated into the daily life of most Japanese people. It is often consumed several times throughout the day, as it is the preferred drink first thing in the morning, as well as during and after meals.


“Most restaurants in Japan offer free tea along with meals, as it is an essential part of a meal.”


Tea is also often served to guests as a symbol of hospitality. 


On the other hand, Japanese tea, and especially green tea, is useful for reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels, thus improving blood circulation. It also helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Green Tea Day


Tea is believed to have been incorporated into Japan in the 8th century A.D. Japanese Buddhist monks who had been studying in China around 729 B.C. knew about tea and its goodness, so they brought the plant to Japan and began drinking it to facilitate meditation. From then on, tea began to be produced in small cultivations destined mainly for medicinal purposes, and later began to be drunk regularly. Today tea in Japan is a symbol of its culture and traditions.


“Green tea is so popular and esteemed in Japan that there is a whole day dedicated to it! Green Tea Day falls on day 88 after the first day of spring, or Risshun, which in Japan is February 4th. This means that it usually falls on May 2nd (or May 1st in a leap year).”


Green tea has a rich and complete history in Japan and is very important for understanding Japan and Japanese culture as a whole. There exist other types of green tea, matcha, gyokuro, kukicha, and many others, have slightly different processing methods and vary in quality and taste. 


green tea cup
Green tea will appear in many different aspects in Japan.

A healthy and tasty drink, have you tried it?

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