Today we bring you some tips that it’s good to know when facing a sushi tray. Above all, if you want to be an expert or master the always delicate subject of Japanese etiquette and protocol.


How to eat sushi


From softer to greasier fish, and from more delicate flavors to more intense ones. This is the basic rule so that we don’t start with a strong piece that nullifies the taste of what we eat afterward. 


-On the fish side: If you are going to wet the piece in the soya, you have to do it on the fish side, never on the rice side. It’s already seasoned, so it doesn’t need soy for anything. 


-You can do it with your hand: The use of chopsticks is optional. It’s a meal initially intended to be eaten with your fingers, so it’s not frowned upon to use them, even in Tokyo’s most exclusive sushi restaurant.


Read how to use chopsticks:


-Soja, just a little bit: Drowning sushi in soy is a bad idea. This sauce has quite a lot of salt content and takes away the taste and nuances of rice and fish, especially if we talk about good sushi. 


-Turn the chopsticks around: One of those tricks that looks great: when we are going to take a piece of a shared tray, his thing is to turn the chopsticks and use them on the side that we have not put in our mouths. 


-One bite: It doesn’t matter if it’s with chopsticks or fingers, sushi is designed to be eaten in one bite. If the piece is too big, nothing happens if it is done in two steps, but always leaving the half that remains in the chopsticks and without returning it to the plate.


Everything is about traditions and customs, for those who want to know more and enjoy putting into practice what they have learned. Many of these rules have no other purpose than to try to get the best experience of flavor and texture. 


This traditional meal deserves respect.


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