Chopsticks are typical for eating in countries such as Japan, China, Korea, or Taiwan, as well as in many other Southeast Asian countries. Eating with chopsticks requires not only physical skill but also knowledge of a set of rules or protocol rules that are usually followed in these countries to be respectful.


Chinese chopsticks and Japanese chopsticks


We can find some differences between Chinese chopsticks and Japanese chopsticks. The former tend to be somewhat coarser and less “sharp,” its tip is slightly more rounded.


Japanese chopsticks tend to be more polished and end in a point. They are somewhat thinner or “sharper” at the bottom.


How to use chopsticks at mealtime 


-One of the gestures to avoid is to place the chopsticks upright in rice bowls or any other food.


-In Asia, placing chopsticks vertically on rice bowls is a way to make an offering to the deceased at a funeral. 


-The chopsticks can be placed horizontally across the bowl.


-When putting food in the mouth, chopsticks should touch the mouth or teeth as little as possible. To put the chopsticks to the bottom of the mouth or deep inside is not correct.


-When “handling” the chopsticks, you have to be careful not to touch the bowls or plates with them. Not only is the noise annoying, but it also seems that the sound that the chopsticks make on the bowl or plate is the way that beggars have to attract the attention of passers-by to ask for alms.


-It is not advisable to rummage with chopsticks on each composite plate in search of the most palatable piece.


Pointing with chopsticks or gesticulating with them during a meal is a gesture that can be considered unpleasant, so it is more appropriate to support them or avoid looking with them.


Eastern countries are much more ceremonious, in general than in Western countries. This taste for “ceremony” is reflected in many facets of his life, and one of them is mealtime


korean chopsticks
Take these tips about chopsticks and enjoy your next trip to Asia.

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