Curry is an old dish that has become popular around the world, and Japanese curry is very interesting!

Curry is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It is usually served with rice and tonkatsu or other accompaniments. Still, there are also curry-based dishes that do not use rice and even drinks.


The History of Japanese Curry


Curry wasn’t always familiar to Japan. In the late 1800s, Commodore Matthew Perry’s Black Ships from America introduced curry and other more “western” flavors to Japan. At this time, the British crown ruled the Indian subcontinent. When the Anglo-Indian Navy landed in Japan, it brought with its fleet the dishes and flavors that were once unique to their shores. Chefs used the new spices to create tasty dishes of rice, noodles, or soup to serve to adventurous eaters.


Drink Pairings


From standard sake to a refreshing Japanese beer, the following drinks will help to cut through umami flavors and complement the meal with curry.




The spicy flavors of this comfort food are the perfect accompaniment to traditional rice wine. The rich flavors of sake match nicely with the sharp profile of Japanese curry.




The flavors of the ume fruit will hold up against the taste of Japanese curry. They balance out some of the spice and match the slight sweetness that you can taste in some instant curry powders.


Other Alcoholic Drinks


Light, traditional Japanese lagers such as Sapporo or Asahi will fresh your palate and wash down a delicious bite of rice or noodles.


In Japanese homes, curry sauce is most commonly made from instant curry roux, which is available in block and powder forms. It contains curry powder, flour, oils, and various flavorings. Ease of preparation, and the wide variety and availability of instant curry mixes, has made curry rice very popular, as it is very easy to make compared to many other Japanese dishes.



Japanese curry is one of the beloved dishes in the country.

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