This trend is giving popularity to the oldest traditions and food in Peru.

Originated in Peru, the novoandina cuisine is a new culinary style that takes back the food habits of the pre-Hispanic era to recreate and rediscover many of the native ingredients. This interpretation of the Andean cuisine also combines elements from other cultural horizons, such as the European.




Peruvian chefs rescued the ingredients used by their ancestors before Spanish influence and successfully incorporated them into international cuisine.

Novoandina cuisine combines the food habits of that pre-Hispanic Peru with modern techniques and trends from different parts of the world.

So, what characterizes this culinary style is the use of those native ingredients to create an infinite variety of new dishes. These are low in condiments and almost without fat. This cuisine also resorts to the latest methods of elaboration and is rapidly gaining popularity around international stages.




They mainly come from the Peruvian Andes. Among the main ones we find:




Novoandina cuisine wants to highlight the value of millenary ingredients by turning them into sophisticated dishes, thanks to the creativity of Peruvian chefs.


Taking the most precious traditions in Peru and presenting them as a new trend is giving more popularity to traditional Peruvian food.

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