Peruvian food can show an incredible number of facts, learn more about them.


Beyond the great Machu Picchu, Peru has hundreds of attractions for foreigners and visitors, other destinations and paradises throughout the country. But one of its greatest attractions is its food, which has recently earned itself a place on the list of best world cuisine.


Gastronomy lovers are increasingly excited to visit Peru and try each of its dishes. Today we will give you a shortlist of essential facts you need to know about exquisite Peruvian food.




Potatoes – The most requested garnish in all worldwide dishes


Peru is home to 3000 types of potatoes and almost 100 types of corn. Impressive, right? It is not only that, but it also has:



Peruvian food rising and spreading like foam!


The popularity of this excellent food has been increasing in the last four years. A large percentage of chefs throughout the world, especially in the United States, are naming Peruvian food as one of the gastronomic trends for restaurant menus. 


London has been one of the cities with a great variety of new Peruvian restaurants in its streets.


Asia and Peru… An amazing fusion!


Peruvian food is influenced by the culture of China, Japan, and part of Southeast Asia.


Chifa: you’ll only hear this in Peru, it’s the word Peruvians use to refer to foods that have Chinese ingredients. Lima is the central point where you can get Chifa food. Try it! We assure you that you will not regret it.


Peru award-winning 


The World Travel Award (WTA) is in charge of annually rewarding countries, and cities with the best gastronomy offered to consumers and tourists. Peru has occupied the best positions and has even been a winner since 2012. This vast country is leading in the food top.


The Last Supper and the guinea pig


There is a representation of the last supper of Christ in the Cathedral Basilica of Cusco. It is considered unique because it has a guinea pig as the main meal of the table.


The guinea pig is a native rodent of Peru, but in the rest of the world is a domestic animal. Peru considers it a very common food in the diet of this country because it offers an excellent source of nutrition-rich in protein. 


Ice cream-flavored fruit… Yes, just like you read!


Lucuma’s fruit is authentic from Peru; it has a peculiar flavor that is usually said to have an ice-cream flavor.


This fruit only grows in its native country; outside, it is usually scarce and also does not grow well. Many farmers have tried to take and cultivate this fruit in their lands, but they have been only failed attempts.


Try this fruit in Lima! You won’t regret it!


These were some of the most curious facts about Peruvian food; we hope you have discovered new information! We invite you to visit our beautiful country, which awaits you with the best food to try and places to explore.

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With these facts, you will be able to know lots of things about Peruvian food!

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