The “Fusion Cuisine” is a phenomenon that began in the United States between the 1960s and 1970s, and ended up in the dishes of many countries. 

Among the fusion cuisines, there is the Nikkei, which is born from the mixture between the flavors of Peru and the techniques of Japanese cuisine. Ceviche, the national dish of the Andean country, is the quintessence of this fusion cuisine. 


Fusion Cuisine in Peru


The most popular fusion food are Chinese, Japanese, African, Italian, French, and Spanish.

-The first is the one that originates from a foreign recipe that is replaced or includes Peruvian ingredients, or Peruvian recipe with some exotic ingredients.

-The second form is the one that arises from the creativity of contemporary Peruvian chefs or cooks, by inventing dishes that fuse Peruvian and foreign ingredients.

From the time of the Spanish conquest, Peru received foreign influence for food. But it was from the nineteenth century that this trend of “fusion cuisine” increased. This was due to the large number of immigrants who arrived in Peru in those years.


Types of Fusion Cuisine 



The most exceptional fusion in food has occurred with the Chinese; the food fusion with China is known by the name of Chifa, and is called like that by the restaurants that sell it.

Chifa’s first appeared in Lima in 1920.



The fusion of Peruvian and Japanese food took the name Nikkei, beginning in the 1980s since previously only Japanese immigrants and their descendants were called Nikkei.

It is one of the most refined foods in recent times. 


Italian Fusion

Immigration to Peru occurred between the years 1840 and 1880. Mostly by people who came from the region of Liguria, starting from the port of Genoa. They were the ones who introduced legumes such as chard, Italian zucchini, spinach, cauliflower, and basil that they cultivated in their gardens, among other ingredients.


Among the fusion dishes there are:


-The chard cake derived from the Genoese pascualina cake.

-Mondonguito a la Italiana derived from the trippa a la Fiorentina.

Pizzas are very popular. In recent years, Peruvian variants have been made, such as the pizza with sautéed pork loin or ají de gallina. This fusion cuisine will make you fall in love.


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Fusion Cuisine is a way to know more about the different cultures around the world through their food.

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