Peruvian cuisine has become a worldwide culinary phenomenon, and with it comes the “Asia cuisine fusion”: Chifa and Nikkei.


You’d be surprised how much influence Japan and China have on our cuisine! Read on and learn more about it.


Chifa and Nikkei


The word “Chifa” comes from the Chinese “chi fan,” meaning “to eat, to have a meal,” and has evolved over the past two centuries from the cooking knowledge brought to Peru by Chinese immigrants.


“Nikkei” originates from the name of Japanese emigrants and their descendants abroad. They have evolved as Japanese migrants fused their traditional styles of food preparation with local Peruvian techniques and ingredients.  


This Asian-Peruvian fusion has been exported to restaurants all over the world, being practiced by very recognized chefs.


The Japanese and Chinese arrived as laborers in Peru. All this “Asian fusion” arose after both needed a diet that included part of their food and culture and to maintain their gastronomic roots.


Over time and being more established in the country, these immigrants brought products from their home countries as well as planting and cultivating Chinese and Japanese vegetables. Fusion cuisine restaurants became popular until today as very appreciated types of cuisine.


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Fusion Cuisine is a way to know more about the different cultures around the world through their food.

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