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These dishes have been part of the Peruvian history and can explain it very well.

Peru is currently one of the countries whose cuisine is recognized worldwide as one of the best, both for its surprising variety and its exquisite taste. But beyond the popularity that Peruvian dishes have now, its cuisine has come a long way that is directly related to Peruvian history. This time we will talk about some of the recipes that have a lot of history behind them.


Historical dishes

It is interesting how gastronomy can tell an essential part of Peruvian history. Each meal keeps a piece of history in its ingredients, in its preparation and its flavor. Today, Peruvian cuisine is a reason for the nation’s inhabitants to be proud, and there is no wonder why. Their cuisine has left the name of the country very high internationally. These are 3 popular Peruvian dishes that contain a piece of history in them.



Its origin is Arabic, but the truth is that it was entirely developed in Lima. Nowadays the escabeche is part of the typical Peruvian dishes. This dish is prepared with chicken or fish and is loved by everyone, but many people are not aware of its origin. The escabeche became part of Peruvian cuisine after the Spaniards took it to the country during the time of the viceroyalty; one of the most important historical periods in Peruvian history as well as South America’s history in general.



Then we have the most typical dish in all of Peru, one that’s incredibly popular internationally; this dish can delight any palate: the ceviche. First of all, it is worth mentioning that others dispute the origin of it, and it is hard to know precisely the source of this dish. However, different versions explain its origin.

One of these tells that more than 2000 years ago, on the Peruvian coast, the Mochica culture prepared a fish-based dish, and it was cooked with the juice of local fruit. In the Incas age, this was accompanied by other ingredients, and finally, at the time of the Spaniard’s arrival, some elements were added to make what nowadays we call ceviche: lemon and onion.

Ají de gallina

Another very significant dish in the Peruvian history and its cuisine, ají de gallina. It consists of chili or thick cream with chicken breast frayed. Like ceviche, ají de gallina has different versions of its origin. It is mostly believed that it was created through gastronomic miscegenation between the Hispanic crumbs and the Andean Uchu. Undoubtedly, this gastronomic miscegenation has high relevance in the history of many Peruvian dishes.

Few are the ones who dislike the Peruvian cuisine. There is no secret that their dishes make everyone fall in love; after all, it is currently recognized worldwide as one of the best. The history that each of these dishes tells is also essential.

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The history in Peru is represented in its gastronomy


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