How to cook rice
Use it in a spectacular dish or as an essential garnish to accompany meat or fish.

Plain and white rice is the typical companion for the majority of meals, but day after day, it can get boring, even when the other components of the dish are incredibly tasty. However, people tend to forget how versatile rice can be; it has so many uses and ways of cooking, that the recipes with rice on it are limitless. Every country uses different varieties of this grain, and add their touch with traditional ingredients.

But cooking just as appear on the screen can be difficult, for that reason today we show you five ways to prepare the regular rice pot with a twist that will take the rice to a new level, that can blow out your taste buds. Check these amazing ways to cook plain and white rice!


Five ways to cook rice


Toasting the grains


Instead of the classical boiling water where you put the rice, why don’t you try to toasting all the grains with olive oil or butter, before adding the water? This technique brings a new and intense and smoke flavor to the rice, at the same time adding garlic or a herb will help to change the plain rice to a new side dish.


Cooking with broth


Nothing better to add a new flavor to the rice, than cooking it in chicken or vegetable broth instead of pure water with salt. The soup will give to the rice, the salty, and the meat flavor that would become the rice, the star of the day. You can cook the broth by yourself or obtain it in the supermarket, but when you are the one cooking it, you can add different spices and herbs to a stronger flavor.


Adding other ingredients


Ingredients like vegetables or nuts are an incredible way to change the plain rice and taking it to a whole new level. It will surprise you and your guests when they try a bowl of rice with them. The vegetables have different flavors and textures that even change the color of the rice, and nuts are amazing to toasting them with the rice grains, to add a smoke flavor with the natural fat coming from the nuts.




Adding cheese to a rice pot is the best way to make a great explosive meal, think in mac and cheese but with rice. Nothing better for dinner than a casserole of rice coming straight from the oven, with different types of cheese melting, to finish a day in the best way possible.




Usually, sauces are paired with meat or pasta, but in reality, rice works perfectly with them, because as the main base for a dish they can soak up any sauce. What about a rice casserole with classical Italian tomato sauce? Or look into the Cajun cuisine and experience the fantastic and robust flavor from the south. With rice and sauces, every dish is possible.


Be creative; the kitchen is a place that can fit every possible desire or every crazy idea that you can find, and rice is the perfect food for trying tons of different dishes. Start to cook and don’t be afraid of the final result. At 1111 Peruvian Bistro, we are waiting for you to come and enjoy the different dishes we prepare with the best quality for the taste of our commensals.

Tips to learn how to cook rice
It’s time for you to learn how to cook rice perfectly at home!

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