yule log cake
In Japan, Christmas is not celebrated like the rest of the world, but the food and drinks are very interesting.


Japan, like many other countries in the world, celebrates Christmas in December. A variety of traditional Christmas dishes are served on the tables of Japanese families.



Christmas Eve in Japan is ideal to meet and try quite interesting dishes, as each of them has a story to tell. The Japanese Christmas party is not related to any religion; therefore, it is far from what Christians do.



However, it is a day of rest and celebration where the whole family gathers to taste excellent and delicious traditional dishes. Many will think that on the table, you will find a traditional Christmas ham or turkey, as is customary in the United States.



No, there are other typical foods of the gastronomy of this area of ​​the world worth appreciating and savoring; little by little, you will get used to this type of meeting when you discover each of the stories behind the traditions.



Most likely, after you get used to it, you incorporate all this into your Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner.



Christmas Cake



In most countries, cakes, cookies, and sweets adorn and complement the Christmas atmosphere visible on the table; therefore, a delicious and nutritious cake can not be missing from the Japanese menu, as part of this tradition there is a cake called Christmas Cake.



These Christmas cakes are enjoyed on holidays and decorated with Christmas details. It has been elaborated since World War II to indicate prosperity and the restoration of Japan’s economy.



Historians claim that this type of food was popularized as a traditional Christmas cake in Japan because it bears the colors of the Japanese flag: white glaze and red strawberries stand on top of the cake.






It is a typical Japanese dish at Christmas, something like gingerbread and sugar cookies in the United States. It is made from small and sweet treats with Mochi and Adzuki bean paste. They can assume different shapes and colors; it all depends on the imagination of the baker.



You can create snowmen, Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees, among many others, an excellent opportunity to fly the imagination and choose from thousands of different designs. The important thing is creativity and elegance in its elaboration; they are enjoyed for their delicious flavor and beautiful figures.






If it is a question of selecting a drink, champagne and sparkling saké are the best option at Christmas, but only for adults. You can incorporate the children to the fun with the sound of the cork, which is quite entertaining for the children; they can participate in the reunion with a refreshing drink.



During the December celebrations, people toast with Chanmery. Even this word is part of the combination of two terms that are champagne and Merry Christmas.



Kentucky Fried Chicken



Incredible but true, the Japanese die from KFC, and even this dish has become a traditional Christmas meal for over forty years. Thousands of Japanese place their orders in advance so that this delicacy is not missing on the table on Christmas day.



It is said that foreigners incessantly searched for a turkey in Japan on Christmas Eve, but when they did not find one, they decided to buy at KFC. The owner took advantage of the anecdote to create an advertising campaign called “Kentucky for Christmas!”, From there, all the Japanese buy their chicken in KFC for Christmas dinner, exciting.

Potato salad



The potato salad we eat daily in many Latin American countries is a Christmas dish in Japan. The Germans brought this tradition to Japan, today it is still preserved, yes, with many more dressings!



Buche de Noel (Yule Log Cake)



This exquisite dessert tastes like gods, a great dish for children and adults. It is a tasty rolled cake decorated and filled with layered chocolate, certainly a delight that can not be missed on the Japanese table at Christmas. Real luck, eat it all!


fried chicken
Many of the food and drinks are quite surprising.


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