Snacks are an important part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

During the period of the Chinese New Year, each family will prepare snacks for the family and visitors. Placed on the candy plates, these Chinese New Year snacks and fruits are picked for auspicious symbols of good wishes for a new year.


Today we show you the best snacks for the Chinese New Year, the ones that are prepared the most and that have different meanings and symbols.


New year snacks


Chinese gastronomy is known all over the world, thanks to the millions of restaurants that can be found. Still, without a doubt, there is much more to discover, be it appetizers or more elaborate dishes. They all have something special worth trying.


Red Dates (Wealth and Prosperity)


Red dates are always eaten on happy occasions, including festivals, wedding ceremonies, housewarming parties, and a baby’s completion of its first month of life.


Peanuts (Vitality and Longevity)


There are many ways to cook peanuts, such as boiling them with water or saltwater and stir-frying them. Peanuts are a nourishing food and can be eaten raw.


Sunflower Seeds (Having Many Sons and Grandsons)


Sunflower seeds are a necessary snack for the Chinese New Year. Unshelled sunflower seeds can be eaten both raw and stir-fried.



Sweets (A Sweet Life)


Some sweets are packed in golden boxes shaped in auspicious figures, such as a yuanbao, a fortune cat, and the God of Wealth. These are excellent choices when considering Chinese New Year gifts.


Glutinous Rice Dumplings (A Bumper Grain Harvest)


Are made from sticky rice and other ingredients, such as beans, peanuts, Chinese chestnuts, and pork, wrapped with bamboo leaves.


Steamed New Year Cake (Prosperity and Promotions)


As a top Chinese New Year snack, steamed New Year cake can also be a gift, especially to a family with a member who is about to enter a higher school or get a promotion.

The Chinese New Year 2020 is celebrated this 25th February and starts the year of the rat. Days before, they start preparing festive dishes that include pickles, sweets, and assorted dishes. Would you dare to try some?

There are many snacks involved in the Chinese New Year celebrations.

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