These desserts are mandatory to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Asian food is well known worldwide, mainly its salty and spicy dishes for its characteristic taste.

However, Asian desserts, especially Chinese ones, are one of the best-kept secrets, since many people do not know them. Still, when they try them, they become totally addictive.

Chinese dessert recipes have expanded in many countries. They have invaded the kitchens of several restaurants to satisfy the palates of diners.


New Year Desserts


In order to prepare delicious desserts that are part of traditional Chinese food, it is necessary to know the recipes and the techniques that are used so that we obtain the best result, and that it is as close as possible to Asian cuisine.

It’s just a matter of looking for the recipes and daring to prepare them since there are many delicious desserts that you will surely love.


Nian Gao


Is China’s most famous and most popular New Year dessert symbolizes increasing prosperity and promotions year after year?

This sweet (a salty cake is also available), is mainly made from glutinous rice flour and brown sugar. Its round shape represents togetherness and completeness.


Rice Balls


These sweet rice balls are often infused with black sesame seeds or crushed peanuts. Eating this auspicious dessert signifies unity within the family.


Steamed Sponge Cake


It is a traditional sweet food, and many Chinese people eat it for breakfast.


Sesame Seed Balls


Tasty type of fried food made from glutinous rice flour that is filled with red bean paste rolled in white sesame seeds and fried.


Eight-Treasure Rice Pudding


Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture, hence the name of ‘eight-treasure rice pudding.’ The pudding has eight types of “treasure,” including red jujubes, lotus seeds, dried longans, and other various dried, candied fruits. The steamed pudding is soaked in sugar and butter, and the top is interspersed with the eight treasures.


Fried Dough Twists


This fried food is a little bit harder than a sesame seed baguette. Two or three bars of dough paste are twisted together and cooked until they are crispy.


Shelled Peanuts


Shelled peanuts are coated in a syrupy mixture of brown sugar and flour and then baked until they are light brown in color. Symbolize vitality and longevity in Chinese culture.

These are some of the many Chinese desserts and vary depending on the region of origin. Because China is a vast country, it has many areas, and each one has its own culture and customs.

Therefore, each region has its own way of preparing food and growing the ingredients, which results in the existence of numerous desserts throughout the Asian country.


Celebrate the Chinese New Year with friends and family making these dessserts.

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