Peruvian cuisine is rich in many flavors, but the snacks are pretty amazing.

Food plays an essential role in Peruvian culture and is a way of expressing national identity. In recent years, Peruvian cuisine has developed and innovated nationally and internationally.

Today we want to show you that it is not all about multi-course meals in high-end restaurants. Snacks are very important.


Peruvian snacks


Corn Snacks


Tamales: traditional Mesoamerican food and the most popular of all Peruvian breakfast dishes. Tamales are served with salsa and delicious crispy bread. They are usually filled with pork or chicken and cooked in a banana leaf wrap.

Humitas: similar to tamales, but smaller, and are made of corn dough mixed with butter or lard, milk, and salt. They are made salty or sweet, then the mixture is wrapped in a corn husk to be boiled or steamed.

Cancha salty: made from roasted Peruvian corn kernels of a variety known as cancha corn. The grains are roasted in oil and salted and served in bags to go.

Corn and cheese: Sold by street vendors from Lima to the Amazon, corn is also an ingredient in many salads and soups. It is often served along with appetizers and entrees.

Manna confit: Peruvian popcorn at its best. The large kernels of corn popped and then sprinkled with sugar for a sweet, crunchy taste. Delicious.


Portable Meat Sandwiches


Anticuchos: beef skewers made from beef heart marinated in vinegar and spices such as garlic and cumin. 

Empanadas: made with traditional flavors of onion, garlic, pepper, boiled eggs, and olives. Beef is the traditional meat filling, but chicken or spicy sausage is famous. Vegetable fillings such as corn and cheese


Salads, soups, and sandwiches


Heart of palm salad: Chonta. Made with hearts of palm, crumbled with lime, tomatoes, and avocados.

The sandwiches are a unique Peruvian snack, which can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There is an excellent variety of these:

-Crackle sandwich: pieces of fried pork shoulder with potato and bread.

-La Butifarra: Peruvian ham sandwich.

-Peruvian triple sandwich: made with avocado, tomato, and egg that Peruvians call the triple sandwich. Triples are typically served cut into bite-sized triangles.


Quinoa Soup 

The Peruvian quinoa soup is very popular. The dish originated in the Andes mountains as a hearty snack for cold days. 

Ceviche: There are many presentations of this dish, but the base of the dish has only five ingredients: lemon juice, salt, onion, chilies, and fresh, raw white fish. 




Churros: originated in Spain and found a welcome home in Peru. The Peruvians make churros with a potato-based choux paste. The dough is extracted through a significant point of dough and fried in hot oil, then covered with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. 


Vegetable and egg snacks


Quail’s eggs: Most sellers sell them in a bag, with a small stick and some salt. 

Stuffed potato: contains mashed potato, meat, and onion in a ball shape and fried. 

With an immense variety of flavors, Peru is currently an actual creator of new ‘snacks’ made with Andean products that began selling on the streets and today seek to conquer world markets.

Snacks are very important for gatherings and parties. Check out these Peruvian snacks!

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