Choosing the best wine for a delicious Peruvian dish has its tricks.

Wines are the best companions for many dishes; however, for one of the most varied and delicious cuisines in the world such as Peruvian, highlighted by its wide combination of flavors and variety of influences from other latitudes, it is a bit difficult to combine with wines.


This is because citrus and spicy flavors usually characterize Peruvian food, so before uncorking, make sure you choose the wines that taste better with Peruvian cuisine.


Lomo Saltado


This dish is made with sautéed meats with yellow pepper, coriander, onion, and tomato. It has an oriental style influence, but with Peruvian spirit; it is also a dish of intense flavors with a lot of personality. In this case, the combination must be made with a Malbec or Merlot wine.


Wines with fruit flavors are ideal for this meat dish, as long as they are mixed with spices. Fresh wines and easy to drink are suitable for this rich menu.


One of the most delicious and imposing Chardonnay wines is Limestone hill, which incorporates fruits such as apple, peach, and lemon into its ingredients. A perfect finish!




Ceviche is the best-known dish in Peru and one of the most requested by foreign tourists; basically, fish is used, and in some versions, it is combined with seafood.


It is a cold dish cooked in lemon juice with intense flavors and with a pronounced spicy touch. It is advisable to combine with a white wine of mild favor such as Sauvignon Blanc or a slightly cold Chardonnay.


Another ideal wine used as an appetizer is the classic Pisco Sour, with a refreshing flavor and is complemented by the acidic touch of ceviche.


Ají de Gallina


This is one of the most consumed stews of Peruvian food, an unmistakable distinction! It is made from chicken meat with tasty potatoes and rice, a dish of high strength and flavor.

Red wines are perfectly integrated to the table of consumers of this delicacy; among the most recommended are Pinot Noir or a Crego e Monaguillo Tinto.




This delicious grill is made with meats, and it occupies a special place in Peruvian cuisine. The skewers are made with beef and are cooked with spices and native peppers from Peru.

This delight carries intense flavors, so it is advised to consume with a bubbly Syrah wine.




It consists of a stew prepared with pork and dehydrated potatoes, chili peppers and spices are added to repower its flavor.


Enjoy it with intense wine, but without altering its flavor and consistency. Without a doubt, a Cabernet Sauvignon meets these peculiarities!


Types of wine
Learn what type of wine is the best for the different Peruvian dishes.


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