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Low-fat cooking!

Low-fat cooking must be integrated into our lives; of course, we can skip the diet and eat sweeter or fatter food, life should not be that strict, but for our daily intake, a healthy and low-fat diet is the best way to keep our body active and fit. For that reason, learning how to cook with different methods for a low-fat meal will benefit you in many aspects.

Methods for Low-Fat Cooking

Surprisingly, these methods are quite easy to learn and put them into practice. Take the challenge, and start preparing food with low-fat characteristics that can engage everyone that tastes your meals.




This method is amazing because it doesn’t require oil to cook. Broiling is perfect for lean meats like chicken cutlets, pork cuts, and different types of fish. There is a problem with these meats, broiling them makes them present a lack of flavor sometimes, but the solution is quite simple: a marinade!


If you left the meat marinade for several hours, you will find a strong flavor that would explode in your mouth. You can use many low-fat ingredients for this, from lemon and vinegar to olive oil and garlic. Herbs and spices are necessary to intensify the flavor, but nothing can go wrong with a good marinade.


The only thing that you will need for a good broiling process is a broiling pan; ideally, find it in any specialized store. If you don’t have one or don’t count on the budget to buy one, you can use a baking sheet with a wire rack, but it is better to have the pan. One of the best aspects of this method is that 10 min of the grill’s intense heat and every meat finishes with a crispy crust; that is rare to find in low-fat cooking.




This is considered the most healthy method to cook, not just only because there is no fat involved, but also steaming can retain the highest amount of nutrients in comparison with other cooking techniques. The steaming can be obtained through a closed environment that encircles the ingredients in moisture, allowing them to keep their nutrients.


Vegetables and lean meat like fish are perfect for the steam method because they tend to dry out quite easily. The secret behind the technique is not to let the pan run dry; the water must be constant for steaming the ingredients correctly. There are many ways to fulfill the steaming process, but the best way is to buy the right tools; however, you can work it out using a deep pot, heatproof bowl, and the pot will contain the water. Put the ingredients on the plate and cover them with a bowl upside down.


But one of the best ways to cooking steaming ingredients is buying a bamboo steamer; the Asian cuisine is one of the main with steaming meals in the world, who doesn’t love dumplings? But you must learn how to use it, and it can be found in Asian stores. You can finish this kind of meal with some drops of olive oil or vinegar.




With this technique, the food tends to have an incredibly tender texture, while infuses the liquid with the natural flavor from the meat. Just put the beef, chicken or fish in a deep pot, add the correct amount of water or broth to barely cover it and simmer until only a stray bubble breaks the surface. Take care with the chicken before poaching removes the skin, that way you cut in half the fat intake.


With this method, the only tool that you will need is a pot or pan deep enough to place the meat and add water, and of course, you must pay attention to the cooking if many bubbles broke the surface of the water; the meat can become tight and there’s nothing worse for a meal than that. Another great trick is to use the water to prepare a soup with the ingredients that you like, from vegetables to pasta. Be creative! But the water that comes from poaching is an excellent ingredient by itself.




A paper bag or parchment paper is an excellent tool in the kitchen; beautiful dishes come from this method, and of course, they are low-fat. Delicate meats like fish and chicken taste incredible when cooking with this, avoiding them to dry out because the paper traps the moisture and juices.


Try to use waterproof and oven-safe parchment paper, and of course a baking tray. If you put some vegetables into the mix, you can unwrap a healthy dish with tons of nutrients and delicious flavors. Also, add some herbs and spices into the paper and take the flavor onto the next level.




With this method, the vegetables can transform into a smooth and delicate dish ready to blow out your mind with their flavor. You will need two things, your favorite veggies and broth to accompany them into the cooking. Of course, adding salt, pepper, and some species into the mix can help to become the flavor into a stronger one.


With this method, a blender is a necessity. Be careful is the vegetables are still hot, proceed with caution pouring few spoons with the broth, try not to pour over the half of the blender, or you can finish with a disaster on your kitchen. For a final touch, you can add some bread croutons for a crispy texture to contrast the smooth texture of the main dish.


With these methods, you will find making delicious meals but with the benefit of being low-fat. Eating a healthy diet is not that hard, be careful with what you eat and start making changes in your life. Come to 1111 Peruvian Bistro; we are waiting for you to visit us and enjoy the different dishes we prepare with the best quality for the taste of our commensals.

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