What food should you take to a picnic?
Enjoy the outdoors and a good meal.

A picnic day can be a great time to spend with family and friends, making many different activities, and enjoying a day outside the daily routine. But sometimes finding the right food, that can fulfill the preferences of all the people going to the picnic, can be a little confusing. However, making the perfect picnic with absolutely healthy and delicious food will depend only on creativity and simplicity, do not go looking for fancy meals and hard-to-follow recipes. That is the reason for today’s article, check these easy but amazing meals for a picnic day!

Best foods for a picnic

These foods are great for a different day enjoying a picnic with your beloved ones, check them, and start planning the best picnic ever!


Perfect for a picnic, besides being delicious and with tons of nutrients, they are very versatile: starting with the classic salad that can contain your favorite fruits, to an upgrade with oats and crispy rice. Also, it can be perfect for a daily fruit cocktail to feel fancy in your picnic. The fruits can be part of a dessert with chocolate or whipped cream. Be creative and had fun with them!


Great to accompany a variety of dishes for a picnic. You can choose your favorite meat like chicken, roast beef, fish (such as tuna), and others. Sausages are also a great choice; salami and ham are the perfect paired to bread and sauces. Crackers and toasts work perfectly with meats, besides they can change the taste of a salad.


An option that can complement any picnic because they are perfect for spreading butter, marmalade, chocolate paste, cream cheese, or pair them with fruits or meat. Salty muffins are the new trend in the kitchen since they can be a full meal for children and adults alike. Prepare an entire batch of muffins with the ingredients that you like and can go with the picnic theme.


This food is a classic in every cuisine around the world, but, for a picnic, is perfect to complete the other meals. Butter, marmalade, chocolate, peanut butter, cream cheese, ham, salami, sausages, meat, and even fruits work incredible with bread. Natural or toasted, it’s the best choice for a picnic.


This group contains peanut, hazelnuts, nut, raisins, pistachios, almonds, among others. They work incredible with salads, fruits, cereals, and other dishes as their final touch; besides, they are highly nutritious and healthy. Try to find the best natural nuts in town, you can find them in specialized stores and green markets.

A picnic can be a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones, to disconnect from work and worries, and enjoy a good day around nature. With these foods, take the picnic to another level and have fun!

Food options for a picnic day
A lot of food options for your picnic day.

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