Chifa is a term originated in Peru to refer both to the cuisine brought and adapted by Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Central Asian immigrants since the mid-nineteenth century, as well as to the restaurants where this food is served.


The Chinese who arrived in Peru were inserted into society, adapting to the customs. As they progressed economically, they imported from China the necessary products and planted their vegetables so that they would not lack anything. 


Best Dishes from Chifa Cuisine


This fusion is a great example of tradition characterized by a series of techniques, ingredients, and flavors. 


Arroz chaufa: The most popular and representative dish, garnished for the rest of the recipes. This is the typical dish of Chinese fried rice, sautéed with onion, egg, and soy sauce, which in Peru is called sillao. Besides, it is accompanied by chopped meat or seafood. 


Wantan soup: The right choice for starters. It is a traditional chicken soup, which to differentiate itself from the rest, includes Chinese noodles, vegetables, onion, chopped ginger, and wantanes, a delicate dough filled with meat. 


Airport: Its origin dates back to the 1990s when the two most popular recipes of this gastronomy were merged. It consists of a mixture of Chaufa rice and sautéed noodles, seasoned with the characteristic flavor of Chinese beans.

Cau cau: A stew of mondongo, chopped yellow potatoes, onion, parsley, and yellow pepper. It is said that its name comes from the expression that Chinese immigrants used to tell Peruvians to cut the ingredients into tiny portions.


Min pao: Dessert. The min pao is a small roll made of steamed dough and filled with strained beans, a typical swe


As we have already mentioned, a delicious fusion full of exquisite flavors. Have you tried any dish of chifa cuisine?

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Chifa offers more than Chaufa rice; learn more about these dishes.

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