Ramen is a very popular dish in Japan.


What is ramen? It is a bowl of wheat noodle soup prepared with an aromatic broth and accompanied by different ingredients such as vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs, among others.


Today we will give you a small guide on how to eat ramen noodles 


Steps to eating Ramen


1-Untangle the Noodles


Use your chopsticks to untangle the noodles a bit before eating them, and it will much less of a battle and much more of an enjoyable ramen experience. 


2-Eat It While It’s Hot


There are cold ramen noodle dishes, but if you’re ordering a hot meal, it’s best to enjoy it while it still remains hot. The reason for this isn’t just for the taste and heat alone. 


 3-Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew


Use the chopsticks to break the noodles in the bowl before bringing them to your mouth.





Okay, so right after we chastise you about being sloppy, we want you to slurp your noodles. Many people believe that doing so is a way of letting people know that you are enjoying the meal. This is actually only partially true. There are two main reasons to slurp your ramen while eating, you make the noodles a little cold, and you also try the broth.


5-Don’t Miss Out on Toppings


When order ramen, you can add some toppings and garnishes. Ask the chef for topping recommendations based on the type of ramen broth you’ve ordered. 


  1. Drink With Your Ramen


Beer or water is an excellent companion, ramen is usually a bit salty, but with a good drink, you will be fine!


There are no fixed and strict rules when it comes to eating ramen. You can do it the way you like, but the only thing you should not do is take too long, especially to enjoy the taste and consistency of the noodles. In the end, when you have finished your noodles, you can take the whole broth with the spoon or even take the dish between your hands and sip it directly.


Learn how to enjoy a bowl of ramen noodles properly.

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