Peruvian food
One of the most popular dishes is Ají de Gallina!

Few dishes can compare to the ones that Peruvian gastronomy has; after all, it receives compliments because of its variety and exquisite taste. Peruvian food is not only well-valued around the globe, but it’s also one with significant cultural value; definitely, something to feel proud of. Every day, different cooks try variations of these dishes, but nothing can compare to the original ones that we bring you today.

Peruvian dishes you should try

Peru is a country blessed with a privileged cuisine. No paladar won’t be delighted after tasting some of the Peruvian dishes in this list; these are 5 Peruvian dishes you should try:

Ají de Gallina

Ají de gallina is a well-known typical Peruvian dish, so notorious that there are several international variations of this dish, but nothing tastes better than the original. This typical tasty dish of Peruvian cuisine consists of a thick cream made with shredded chicken, bread, the great Peruvian chili, milk, and broth. It’s often served with rice and Peruvian potatoes, and sometimes hard-boiled eggs and lettuce join the dish. Its spicy flavor makes everyone like it. It is worth mentioning that some ingredients can slightly variate depending on the cook.

Lomo Saltado

Another popular Peruvian dish, Lomo Saltado. This dish is made based on pieces of meat, onion, tomato, and potato chips, something that make adults and young people love it the same way. This exquisite dish is complex to prepare since it is done by placing all the ingredients in a hot skillet. Any carelessness when making it can completely change the result.


This is probably the most recognized Peruvian dish at an international level, a recipe that make Peruvian cooks feel proud of their culture. The ceviche is one of the Peruvian gastronomy treasures. Its success is such, that is popular in different Latin American countries. This delicious dish is mainly made from fish, onions, chili, lemon juice, and salt; nonetheless, depending on the presentation, it can also present potatoes, corn, or seaweed.

Causa Rellena

Causa Rellena is one of the Peruvian dishes you should try. It’s a very soft and creamy cold dish in which the different layers hide tasty ingredients to delight people who taste it. In this dish, anyone can taste the delicious combination that can be made with chicken, cooked potatoes, avocado, and mayonnaise. Sometimes, among the ingredients, can be found Peruvian corn, avocado or a hard-boiled egg. It looks good, and it tastes even better.

Pollo a la Brasa

This typical dish is one of the most popular ones in Peru; its delicious flavor makes it an excellent option for any reunion. The dish’ macerated chicken is cooked to the embers in a special oven, causing it to turn on its axis. This dish is often accompanied by a good portion of crispy potatoes and salad. It is one of the Peruvian dishes you should try if you go to a Peruvian restaurant or to Peru itself. This dish is so essential to Peruvian culture that every July 16, they celebrate the Grilled Chicken Day.

Peruvian food
The gastronomy in Peru is quite varied.

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