How to be the best in the kitchen?
With our tips, you will be the best!

Cooking is one of the most exciting jobs that you will find; this is because, in the kitchen, good things can be made. It doesn’t matter if said kitchen is in a Michelin Awarded restaurant or if it is at home. Every food that comes out of the kitchen is a masterpiece that every commensal can enjoy.

However, to be the best cooker is a process that takes time and tons of practice; for that reason, never be afraid to try new recipes from around the world, because food is an excellent way to reunite different people in one place. Check these tips to keep improving your cooking skills and become the best in the kitchen!


Tips to be the best in the kitchen


With these tips, you can present quality food, whether to a big group of diners or just friends and family. Just remember to have fun! Cooking and delicious food are all about having fun and spend a great time.

  1. Quality knives: every renowned chef can brag about knives, but you should invest in the best way they can last for a lifetime; these are: chef’s, paring, serrated, boning knives, they are the basic and the most important. Also buy honing steel to have sharp knives always, because there is nothing worse and more dangerous than a dull knife.

  1. Iron cookware: utensils are always crucial in the kitchen; the most famous and the ones with the best quality are the iron made because they can last for a lifetime, even your grandchildren can cook with them. Just take care of that cookware and start cooking like a pro.

  1. Utensils at hand: talking about the things you will need before start cooking, every tool should be at hand in the kitchen. That way, you won’t have problems in the middle of preparation, and it is more comfortable. Being organized is a key point when cooking.

  1. Fresh ingredients: there is no need to be a professional chef to prepare a good meal if you buy fresh ingredients, the food would be excellent. Visit the green markets, they are prevalent these days. There, it is easy to find the best raw ingredients in the city, plus you can taste a couple of them for free.

  1. Spices and herbs easy to get: these ingredients are always there to give that extra flavor to every meal; nothing duller than a meal without one of these. Some cuisines are based solely on spices; for that reason, place them on a place easy to get in the middle of the preparation.

  1. Pre-grind the pepper: talking about spices, pepper is always an essential ingredient, but the best way to store it is in grains. Before every preparation, pre-grind your favorite chili and place next to the salt to give that extra flavor to the recipe. Salt and pepper are the cooker’s best friends.

  1. Freeze fruit: who doesn’t love fruit? But they can be very delicate, so before they go bad and end on the trash can, why not freeze them? It is an incredibly useful way of using them. Think about smoothies, homemade ice cream, cereals, and even baking goods, all of them with frozen fruit.

  1. Save on herbs: herbs are another critical part of improving meal’s flavor, but they tend to last only a few days. Before getting rid of them, think on drying them out. Place all the old fresh herbs and place them on a tray and put it under the sunlight. After that, you can save them in glass containers and use them with every recipe.

  1. An organic garden: ok, maybe this tip will shock you, but even in small apartments you can have your organic garden. Chives, coriander, rosemary, thyme, oregano, lettuce, celery, and others, can grow up again if you treat the roots carefully.

  1. Clean while you cook: cleaning a massive mess after cooking and eating the meal is a nightmare, so it would be better if you start cleaning while you are cooking. Every time you finish a part of the recipe, wash all the utensils and clean the space work to start with the next section. That way, everything will be ready for the rest of the recipe.

Cooking is an exciting and even destressfull activity, especially if you enjoy doing it. But you don’t have to be a professional chef; with these tips, everything will be right in your kitchen. At 1111 Peruvian Bistro, we are waiting for you to come and enjoy the different dishes we prepare with the best quality for the taste of our commensals.

Tips to be the best in the kitchen
It’s not complicated at all; it’s just a matter of learning and being constant in practice!

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